Why Dehydration Leads To Dry Skin, Wrinkles and Other Skin Problems

manipulation treatmentMany experts believe that as much as 75% of the population of the United States suffers from dehydration. Chronic dehydration has been linked to dry skin and a variety of other skin problems. In light of these two facts it is not surprising then that 45 million Americans suffer from skin disorders.

Before looking at how dehydration can cause dry skin, wrinkles, and skin disorders, it is important to understand what we mean when talk about being dehydrated. Dehydration occurs when a person is losing more water from their body they are taking in. However for many people drinking more water is not the answer in itself. Hydration must occur on a cellular level to be effective.

The tissue of the skin is particularly vulnerable to water loss. We lose water from our skin through three separate processes; when we perspire, when we sweat and through surface evaporation. However water only reaches the body through circulation that occurs at its base. When water is not circulating efficiently into the body, the cells will become dehydrated.

As we age it can become harder for water to enter our cells. Our body’s cells actually shrink and are not as easily able to contract and expand. The effect of this is that our cells are unable to efficiently remove waste products. At the same time nutrients find it harder to enter through the cell membrane.

Your skin is a direct reflection of the cells of your tissue. When these cells are healthy, it will be shown through supple and healthy skin. When the cells are dehydrated you will experience dry, flaky and wrinkled skin. As you age your skin wrinkles and loses it natural elasticity. This is a result of the lack of mobility of water inside of the body.

When the body becomes dehydrated it must prioritize the use of water. Organs such as the liver, brain and lungs, which are vital for survival, are given priority. Connective tissue such as collagen will only receive water after the needs of these organs are met. Collagen is the primary connective tissue of the skin, and it consists mainly of water. If collagen is inadequately hydrated its strands start to crack and join to one another. This in turn leads to the formation of wrinkles on the skins surface.

Skin is the largest organ in your body and a primary pathway for getting rid of toxins. Your skin is a direct reflection of the health of your liver and its detoxification capabilities. Remember – water carries toxins out of the body through the kidneys, lungs, urine and skin. The quantity and the quality of the water you drink determine how effective your body can get rid of toxins.

The vast majority of the water we consume today is very poor quality. Like over-cooked and over-processed food, today’s water lacks the natural life-supporting energy nature intended it to have. This means that no matter how much we may drink, our cells are not fully hydrated.

In order to optimize hydration, it is recommended that you drink naturally energized spring water, such as Hydra Blue water, that has been restored to its proper energetic potential. Most people who start drinking Hydra Blue notice an improvement in their energy and skin quality in less than a week.

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